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A revolutionary new way to create one beautiful shiny curl after another.

Easy. Fast. Fabulous!

Why "Shiseido" is Magic Straight Perm Formula?

Welcome to the K2 Hair Creation. We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction through innovative, high quality products, and unsurpassed customer service. Our goals are simple: to provide expertise and support for all your beauty and esthetic needs.

Welcome to the K2 Hair Creation!

We believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

That's why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual's unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour.

We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction through innovative, high quality products, and unsurpassed customer service. Our goals are simple: to provide expertise and support for all your beauty and esthetic needs. 

Our director hair stylist "Kris Ho" has been doing hair for over ten years. She is the "chemical experts" Specializing in Japanese Straight Perm , hair coloring and Hair perm. Kris has a great understanding of how the chemical processes of both effects the hair. If your hair is processed with just the Japanese straightening or color or both they know the effect on the hair. Kris knows hair!

Caucasian, Asian, Jewish, African, Indian or unknown hair is hair. It dose not matter race or ethnicity. Hair is about texture, strength porosity and feel. It can be damage from chemical treatments, sun, or just from pulling it back. Damage is damage and needs the appropriate approach. This is where Kris expert knowledge of hair is important.

Goldwell's Elumen Hair Color


One of the most exciting new technological developments in professional hair color is the newGoldwell Elumen. Now, there's more to share. Elumen is the first oxidant-free durable hair color that works without peroxide or ammonia. Using a purely physical process, Elumen's brilliant, direct-acting, negatively-charged color dyes are drawn deep inside the positively-charged hair shaft and held, as if by a magnet. But there's truly no fear, no commitment. With Elumen Return, the hair colorist can remove the hair color immediately and gently with no damage simply by reversing the magnetic charge. 

What's more, Elumen repairs hair, smoothing porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but deep inside the hair shaft, providing a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light brilliantly. 

Natural/existing level: 7 with Level 9 highlights

Formula 1: Goldwell Oxycur Platin Ultra Lightener 35mls 30-volume developer + 1 scoop Oxy ultra.

Formula 2: Goldwell 12 Series Ultra Lite Blondes 40 mls 40-volume developer + 20 mls 12 BG.

Utilizing paper thin, back-to-back horizontal slices from nape to crown, then from temporal front to crown, alternate Formulas 1 and 2 to decolorize. Process 30 minutes or until hair appears glowing gold

Formula 3: Goldwell Colorance Acid Color 50mls Colorance Lotion + 20mls 10 G + 5mls 8 GG

Formula 4: Goldwell Topchic 30 mls 10-volume developer + 30 mls 8 AS

Formula 5: Goldwell Topchic 30 mls 10-volume developer + 30 mls 9 PV

Formula 6: Goldwell Colorance Acid Color 40 mls Colorance Lotion + 20 mls 9 BN 

From right to left temporal, utilizing the front hairline as the outside shape, take a 2-inch curved angle section with narrowed corner points creating a crescent. Starting 1 inch behind section 1, from right to left crown, create a second connecting crescent approximately 1 inch in width. Utilizing the hairline as a guide on the right, create a 1-inch crescent curve from occipital to center nape. Apply Formula 3 scalp to ends around the working sections. Starting in section 1 at the center belly of the crescent , apply Formula 3 in three, thin horizontal slices back to back. Apply Formula 4 to two horizontal slices, the two slices of Formula 5 and two slices of Formula 6. Repeat the pattern until you reach the upper belly of the crescent. Applying horizontal slices in a curved section creates a glowing effect with the vertical fall. Use the same pattern for the second section. In the third section, create horizontal slices starting at the tip of the nape and traveling to the occipital.


Japanese Straight Perm with SHISEIDO

Japanese Straight Perm Straightening & Shining Hair !

Why do we use "SHISEIDO" ?

Website get more info: http://straighteningperm-toronto.com/

Japanese Straight Perm or Thermal Reconditioning is a new Japanese treatment technique developed in Japan that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight, giving you glossy, smooth, shiny straight hair that requires minimum blow drying!

You soften the hair with the use of a solution, restructure with a very hot flat iron, and re-harden the hair. Permanent silky, smooth, AMAZING, hair, the technique is fairly new to Canada.

whatever hair is treated will stay straight permanently and only the re-growth needs touching up! Please feel free to browse this site to discover more about this new process.

The hair is shinny and permanently straight it is life changing. We used to be so limited with straightening; now anything is possible to remove some curl or all of the curl, its wonderful. Some of our clients have struggled with the blow dryer and flat iron for an hour or longer just to have the curl and frizz return after a few hours or less. They no longer have to worry that if it humid or moisture is in the air their hair will frizz again. Husbands and boyfriends no longer have to wait for hours before going out.

Swimming and walks along the beach are now possible without the worry about how their hair will look. You can even bath the kids without worrying about your hair. Spontaneous outing are even a possibility.

No more being ruled by your hair!

Why “Shiseido” is Magic Perm Formula?

The text from internet , these lady share their experience of Japanese Straight perm ~ let you know what’s “Perfect straight” or “Damage straight”!


I see posts about ladies wanting straight hair and I wonder if they mean straight hair for a day or permanently straight hair. I prefer the latter. Although Asians typically inherit straight, silky hair, I was born with genes from both parents who carried the curly variety. Me and my sister struggled with curls our entire lives. (And it wasn’t the nice kind, it was basically messy frizz mixed with random twists and turns.) We blow-dried it straight constantly, starting from JHS. And then the Japanese Magic Straight Perm came along and everything else is history.

I can honestly say that I was one of the earliest test subjects for this new magic potion. I got my first Japanese Magic Straight Perm in 1998! I clearly remember walking into the salon, like I faithfully did every couple of months to get a regular straight perm (it made it easier to blow dry). The stylist told me about a trade show she recently attended and this new product that’s supposed to make your hair straight forever, or until it grows out, whichever is shorter. I didn’t really buy it, but hey, I’m always down for a new straightening gimmick. Go right ahead!

This was by far the WORST hair experience of my life. It made my hair straight all right. But the chemicals were so strong that it literally burned my hair right off. My hair was cut off (one inch long) in random areas all over my head from the strong chemicals. Needless to say, I was scared straight! I never touched Japanese Magic Straight Perm for the next 5 years.

Fast forward a couple of years and all my friends started experimenting with it. It blew up all over Asia and stateside. Some of my friends, who happened to be blessed with the most beautiful straight hair, were getting it just to enhance their silkiness factor (gag). So I decided to give it another try. And it worked like a charm — SOMETIMES.

I found it so odd. I am very, very careful with my hair. I don’t color treat and I only get Japanese Magic Straight Perms once a year (sometimes even once every 18 months). What I couldn’t understand is that sometimes it came out perfect, other times it came out mediocre, and once in awhile it didn’t even work. I have gotten Japanese Magic Perm many times now (well over 10, because at first I used to get it every 6 months). The best part is I found out the secret.

It’s called Shiseido Magic Perm Formula. Often imitated, NEVER duplicated! They say knowing is half the battle right? Time to experiment. Ever since I found out that the Shiseido formula is what makes the magic perm come out like magic, before I go to a salon, I ask them, “Do you use the Shiseido formula?” If they say something along the lines of, “No, but we use a Japanese brand that’s just as good,” I quickly dismiss them and it’s on to the next one.

I have had the same perfect results ever since. So if you’re going to straighten your hair for good, do it the right way, and only give your hair the very best treatment.

Website get more info: http://straighteningperm-toronto.com/




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Stylist Haircut (Shampoo & Cut & Style)
  Man $25
  Woman $32
Colour (Goldwell & Loreal)
  Short $40 - $45
  Mid-Long $45 - $50
  Long $50 - $70
Design Perm
  Short $50 - $ 70
  Mid-Long $60 - $ 80
  Long $70 - $100
Hightlight (Goldwell & Loreal)
  Short $40 - $55
  Mid-Long $55 - $65
  Long $65 - $85
Japanese Straight Perm (Shiseido) $125 up
Hair Treatment
  Basic Scalp & Hair Care $25up
Wash & Style
  Man $15
  Woman $15 up


Mon (By Appointment Only)
Tue 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Wed 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Thu 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Fr 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Sat 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Sun 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

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Got japanese straightening by Kris. She was awesome, there every step of the way. My hair is extremely thick and curly and now thanks to her, straight. Definitely coming back.

Deanna P.

I decided to do a Japanese hair straightening and searched the web for salons that offer the service in my area. I went with a bit of uncertainty since I was not given a referal for K2 Hair Creation. Kris was fantastic. She took the time to explain the process and what the expected results would be with my type of hair. The results were exactly as expected and I am so happy with the end result. I love my new straight hair. I highly recommend Kris!


I have long virgin hair that go to my elbows...but thin...how much will JHS cost as an estimate? Thanks


Kris did an amazing job on my Japanese hair straightening. My frizzy hair is gone and now I have shiny healthy straight hair. I had previously had my hair straightened at an expensive yorkville salon and kris did a much better job for half the price. I will be going back to k2 for sure!


I always had straight hair, but it was still always getting frizzy in the heat and in the rain. I could never just wash it and let it air dry because it was always so frizzy. I wanted to try straightening it so when I looked online, K2 was one of the places that was best recommended. I scheduled a consultation and 2 days after that I got the straightening perm. The results: I LOVE IT! It feels so nice to let my hair air dry and have there be no frizz, just soft, straight, silky hair! No more flat irons for me! I would recommend K2 Hair Creations to anyone looking for a professional place with friendly staff, reasonable prices and excellent results!


I selected K2 after researching a lot of options around, and it was really worth it. Kris did a good job and I am happy with the result of hair straightening. My curly fizzy hair are now pin straight, thanks to JHS.


Kris was very willing to answer all my questions when I called to inquire on Japanese Straightening. She made me an appointment 2 days later. Although location is quite far for me it was definitely worth it the drive! Kris & her team was very friendly, very clean & modern salon... LOVE the washing chairs! Explained every step of the way & made sure to listen to what I wanted & gave me exactly that & more! Great price, LOVE my hair! Will definitely be back :)


Kris is professional, knowledgeable, precise, and friendly. I have had Japanese straightening treatment before, but I must say my experience at K2 salon has been the best by far. Great results. I'm happy I have finally found my go-to place for straightening. thanks Kris, see you in a few months :)


Got my hair done with the japanese straightning and I'm so happy! Walked in a skeptic, left a happy girl with gorgeous, healthy hair. Have had numorous horrible experiences with this treatment previously, and I finally found the place to get it done, K2 is a godsend! THANK YOU.


Had japanese straightening 6 days ago here and quite impressed with the results. Still very straight and glossy after 2 washes! Have tried others in GTA and my hair went back to frizzy/curly after 1 wash. Kris and staff were friendly. Price was reasonable ($205 but used 10% coupon from this website for total of $185). Would go back again!

Jade L

Kris straightened my hair on April 16. Today I washed my hair and just blow dried it. It is very straight and silky. I can say that this is the best straight perm I ever had. As long as Im still in GTA, Ill always choose Kris as my hair stylist : )

Amy Lung

Id spent too many hours finding the best salon where their stylist can fix my fizzy dry and thin hair and I finally took my chance here 2 weeks ago. I had a hair cut and keratin hair treatment here. It took less than 2 hours and my hair turns to not only healthy and glossy hair but I also love this new hair-cut as well. Kris gave me advice regarding to my hairs problem nicely. Its been 2 weeks now and I still love this new style. The price, including keratin treatment, haircut, shampoo and conditioning cream is only $250.00. I dont know why other salons price is so expensive. I decided that Ill be coming here from now on. Thank you so much, Kris!


I had a hair cut and Japanese straightening at K2 HAIR about 2 weeks ago . The hair cut is great and my hair is straight, soft and shiny. No need to use the hair blower and hair straightener for about 40 min everyday, anymore :). From the salon style to head massaging, price everything was great. Thanks Kris ho.


Cannot say enough how great this place is. I very like the salon style,fashion and stylish~ Kris ho is my hair stylist.She cut my hair about 6 years~she is pleasant and listens attentively and tailors to what you want. Kris cutting is very detail , you can keep your hair shape for long time. I've had everything done here from cut to color to highlights. never feel any damage to my hair. by the wayI also really enjoy the nice and relaxing head massages when my hair being washed.everytime I almost go to sleep. so relaxing........

paige n.

i was went to K2 hair 2 weeks ago. they did a very good job on my hair. i was doing my hair straighten from another salon, and they give me a free oil treatment but my hair still dry after a few shampoo. my friend referral me to try K2 hair, they got a extremely good service. they make my hair look shine, and smooth now. i asked them why?? and they show me and product, it's shiseido. then i know hair product is so important. thanks kirs to do my hair, i love it!!


Fantastic. Thank you so much. You understood perfectly what I wanted and did the cut brilliantly. Very friendly service too. Highly recommended.


Before chinese new year, I wanna a hair cut for "NEW" style,my friend cindy suggest me go to "K2". "OK.Why not try it"I think. I never wash hair so comfortable like this way! then Kris cut my hair, I so love the shape.And She suggest me make a color, lovely purple!! so awesome! I am so love this salon style and the price is very reasonable.


Yesterday was my first time at K2 HAIR and I was absolutely impressed. The entire experience from the ambience, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff to K2s great colour, cut, and styling left me feeling beautiful, relaxed and happy. Definitely a place to come back to!

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